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Kaupapa Ako: Courses

Dive into our meticulously crafted online courses, each designed to enrich your understanding of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori through a specialized perspective. Every course we present is thematically unique, guaranteeing that the knowledge you gain seamlessly integrates into your daily life, enhancing both relevance and applicability.

Our diverse delivery methods cater to your preferred learning style, whether it's engaging in online sessions, participating in face-to-face interactions, or navigating through self-directed learning journeys. Embark on this transformative experience with us and witness the fusion of tradition and modernity.

Te Reo Māori for Teachers


Held each term over a span of 9 weeks, our popular "Te Reo Māori for Teachers" courses offer educators and support staff a comprehensive initiation into te reo Māori.


Designed to be both practical and enlightening, participants will acquire skills to engage confidently with their learners.


More than just a language course, it's a journey into te ao Māori (the Māori world), amplifying participants' understanding and appreciation, while bolstering their confidence and cultural insights.


Join us and be a part of this transformative learning experience.

Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: $250 per person

Te Reo Māori for Principals & Leaders


Crafted specifically for Principals and Senior Leadership roles, this course is a bridge to learning te reo and tikanga Māori with confidence and precision.

Recognizing the distinct requirements of leadership, we place a special focus on essential skills such as eloquent speech delivery and impeccable pronunciation. Beyond language, delve into the profound realms of Māori values and Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge).


This immersive experience is designed to equip leaders with the insights needed for authentic integration of these principles into educational environments.


Join us on this transformative journey and elevate your leadership in tune with the rich tapestry of Māori culture and wisdom.

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: $399 per person

Te Reo Māori for Early Childcare Teachers


Are you an early childcare educator seeking to weave the rich tapestry of Māori language and customs into your teaching? Dive into our bespoke online course designed especially for you!

Unlock the enchanting rhythms of Te Reo Māori, perfect your pronunciation, and master essential phrases. Beyond language, immerse yourself in the profound world of Tikanga Māori, understanding the customs, rituals, and values that form the heart of Aotearoa's cultural heritage.

With our blend of traditional wisdom and modern teaching techniques, you'll be equipped to offer our youngest tamariki an authentic and enriching Māori cultural experience.


Join us, and be the bridge to a culturally rich tomorrow!

Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: $250 per person

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