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Ngā Aro mihi: What our clients say

"Thank you for providing me with such a great intro to Te Reo Māori. I have taught in nz for over 10 years (having relocated from England). In all that time I have struggled with Te Reo and also struggled to find people and resources to help me as an overseas teacher. I can across your course by accident and I am so glad I did. Tahau has the patience of a saint with some of our technically challenged group. Your resources are interactive and have given me new ideas for my students to improve their Kupu, I also loved that Tahau taught us how sentences work- I now find myself being able to pick apart sentences and find words that I know so I can at least understand te reo (if not pronounce it)! I am forever grateful for you guys giving me confidence to give it a go and adding more Kupu to my kete! This course is hands down the best PD I have done in NZ."

Keely, Kohimarama

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