Thank you for providing me with such a great intro to Te Reo Māori. I have taught in nz for over 10 years (having relocated from England). In all that time I have struggled with Te Reo and also struggled to find people and resources to help me as an overseas teacher. I can across your course by accident and I am so glad I did. Tahau has the patience of a saint with some of our technically challenged group. Your resources are interactive and have given me new ideas for my students to improve their Kupu, I also loved that Tahau taught us how sentences work- I now find myself being able to pick apart sentences and find words that I know so I can at least understand te reo (if not pronounce it)! I am forever grateful for you guys giving me confidence to give it a go and adding more Kupu to my kete! This course is hands down the best PD I have done in NZ.


Keely, Kohimarama


Thank you very much for teaching me the basics of Te Reo Māori. I have learnt so much and will keep practicing. I really enjoyed having you as my mentor. As a teacher of a special needs class, I used most of the learning with my teacher aides in class and in the process we all learn together a new language. Thank you for all the resources. I am using it during morning circle and also on my display board. See morning greeting powerpoint attached. Keep up the good work. Kia kaha.

Ria, Auckland


Thanks for all the super useful lessons so far. I’ve been really enjoying it and I’ve learnt so much already.

Keitha, Hauraki


I am using it so much in class, so it is great for all the pupils.

Lindsey, Auckland


I just wanted to email and say how much I enjoyed it. Tahau you ran it so well, you were kind and funny and very engaging and you made it a really safe place to feel like you can have a go, I would be very keen to be part of any progression you may run in the future, thanks again :)

Hannah, Papamoa


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and building my confidence in being able to carry on my ancestors' language

Maureen, Auckland


Thank you Genae. Meke rauemi!!!

Ryan, Gisborne



Thank you for all the resources. As someone who has only started learning te reo Māori but an experienced language teacher, they have been really useful in helping me get my head around things. With the resources linked into the lessons, it is making more sense to me now thank you.

Michelle, Botany


We have been very pleased with the resources you have created and will no doubt purchase more in the future.

Dawson, Waikato


What a great start to our sessions - you are really on point with how you are pitching it, the pace is great and people are singing your praises! Thanks Genae for a wonderful start. The second group were really happy with their session also, and appreciated the extra support/time with te reo. Tino pai tō mahi!

Cath, Wellington


I want to take this opportunity to say that I have found the course to be life-changing. Which I know sounds dramatic - but it's true. I have developed a passion for Te Ao Māori and am just loving all the learning which I have found challenging but really enjoyable. I think you and Tahau are both extraordinary educators who make me feel safe to learn and motivated to learn. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from you both. What can I say....mē hē te! Thank you so much.
And my whole whānau have committed to watching back the session recordings over the holidays and revising and learning together. That makes me super-happy! Ngā mihi nui,

Lorraine, Wellington


Thank you so much Tahau and Genae. It has been a pleasure learning all the te reo and new tools. I feel good about the knowledge I have gained with your support.

Mandy, Waikato


I wanted to say a massive ngā mihi nui to you for the programme you are delivering for our staff. From our perspective, we feel it is going very well.

John, Wellington