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Ko wai mātou? About

Poutawa's reo Māori journey is one of passion, dedication, and a profound commitment to te reo Māori. As educators and language activists, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of language and the resonance te reo Māori holds for people of all backgrounds. 

Today, Pouawa's mission transcends traditional teaching methods. Actively involved in the development and promotion of te reo Māori. We collaborate with educators, linguists, and communities, ensuring that the language flourishes in modern Aotearoa while retaining its intrinsic essence.

With a heart that beats in harmonious rhythm with the cadences of te reo, Poutawa are not just advocates of te reo Māori, but is a living testament to the language's timeless allure and relevance. Join us on this voyage of rediscovery, and immerse yourself in the wondrous world of te reo Māori.

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Te Tūruapō: Vision

Rukia ai ngā purapura poutawa, kia tupu ake ai

"Gather the knowledge of the world beyond abundance".

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In a world that constantly evolves, our vision stands unwavering: To witness Mātauranga Māori flourish in its most authentic form, encompassing the wisdom, stories, and traditions our tupuna. We envisage a future where the delivery of this knowledge reflects the depth and nuance of Māori epistemology, utilising both ancestral methodologies and contemporary innovations to ensure relevance and accessibility.


Ultimately, our aspiration is for Mātauranga Māori to continue in perpetuity. This means fostering an environment where every new generation is instilled with a sense of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) over this knowledge, cherishing it as a taonga (treasure) and passing it on undiminished. Our vision is of a world where Mātauranga Māori doesn't just exist but thrives, resonating with the hearts and minds of all who encounter it, ensuring its essence is felt, its delivery is impactful, and its legacy is eternal.

Aronga: Purpose

Kei hea taku manapou, taku manatawa? 

"Where are the seeds of my language?


This whakataukī speaks of the origin of te reo Māori that was brought to Aotearoa in the beak of the kākā bird who then dispersed them throughout the land to grow and to flourish into the treasured reo of our people.


In the heart of our shared landscape, we envision a nation united by the power of language. Our goal is more than mere dissemination; we aim to spread the language in a manner that captures its true essence, history, and spirit. We dream of reaching every corner of our country, ensuring that no individual remains untouched by its beauty and depth. To achieve this, our approach is twofold: authenticity and inspiration.

It is our profound belief that a language is more than words and syntax—it's a bridge to culture, history, and shared identity. With this vision, we are committed to ensuring that the language is not only heard but felt, understood, and embraced, knitting together the fabric of our nation in a tapestry of shared linguistic heritage.

Ā tātou kaimahi: Staff

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Genae Thompson

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Genae is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Poutawa, where she has made significant contributions to te reo Māori education. She has a long history in this field, holding various important positions and excelling as an educator throughout the North Island of New Zealand. Genae is known for creating innovative educational resources and programmes, and she works closely with local communities and families to support strategic development and planning.

Additionally, Genae plays a key role in shaping national education policies through her work with the Ministry of Education. She is a member of the NCEA Te Reo Māori Subject Expert Group and contributes to the NCEA Change Package and Review Panel. Genae is also deeply committed to her own learning and is currently studying advanced Te Reo Māori and completing her research based thesis which looks at adult learners' journey to the reclamation of their heritage language and associated trauma.

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Tahau Thompson

Ngāti Hauā, Ngāti Paoa​

Tahau is the Lead Consultant and a prominent facilitator at Poutawa Reo, known for his expertise in te reo Māori education. He is a skilled Te Reo Māori teacher, a renowned kapa haka performer, and an accomplished composer. His work focuses on enhancing and promoting Māori knowledge and culture. He plays a key role in various curriculum advisory groups, influencing education at all levels from early childhood to advanced secondary education, integrating both Māori and English-medium approaches.

Tahau is also active in the digital sphere, leading online te reo Māori classes. He shares his knowledge as a lecturer in Te Reo Māori at the University of Waikato. Known for his linguistic skills, Tahau is a distinguished graduate of Te Panekiretanga o te reo. He is recognized for his commitment, excellence, and deep passion for Māori culture and language.

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