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Te Reo Māori Development & Education

Kei hea taku manapou, taku manatawa?

This whakataukī speaks of the origin of te reo Māori that was brought to Aotearoa within two kākāno (seeds) in  the beak of the kākā bird who then dispersed them throughout the land to grow and to flourish into the treasured reo of our people. 

The name Poutawa derives from these two seeds Te Manapou and Te Manatawa


We embody this whakataukī in our aim to cherish and nurture our reo and mātauranga Māori so that Aotearoa can flourish.

This is the guiding vision for the creation of Poutawa Reo and what we aspire to achieve.

Kaupapa: Who are we?

 At Poutawa, we are deeply passionate about preserving and sharing the beauty and sanctity of te reo and Mātauranga Māori.


Our comprehensive services include both individual and group reo Māori sessions , along with top-quality educational resources to enrich learning and teaching. Our curriculum design expertise enables educators to effortlessly integrate te reo Māori into their teaching, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Mātauranga Māori underpins all that we do and is the foundation of our business and the services we provide.

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Whakapā Mai - Contact Us

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