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Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki
Mānawa maiea te ariki o te rangi
Mānawa maiea te Mātahi o te tau

Introduce Your Students to the Rich Cultural Heritage of Matariki
Welcome to our comprehensive Matariki Resource Pack, designed to bring the rich cultural heritage of Matariki to life in your primary or intermediate school classroom! This engaging and interactive resource offers a wide array of activities and 20 lessons that will captivate your students while teaching them about the significance of Matariki.

Why Choose Our Matariki Resource Pack?

Engaging and Interactive: Keep students interested with fun and interactive activities.


Comprehensive Coverage: Teach all aspects of Matariki, from its stars to its cultural significance.

Easy Integration: Seamlessly incorporate lessons into your existing curriculum.

Adaptable for Different Learning Styles: Cater to both group and individual learning preferences.

Enhance Cultural Understanding: Promote a deeper appreciation for Māori culture and traditions.

Equip your classroom with our Matariki Resource Pack and make learning about Matariki a memorable and enriching experience for your students!

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  • Level - Suitable for Primary and Intermediate School students Year 1 - 9

  • Access - Digital devices will be required for some activites

  • Cost - $399 per package

  • All resources and supporting information are delivered digitally via Google Drive.

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