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Āheinga Reo - Grammar Units

Our innovative Aheinga Reo units, meticulously crafted to support and enrich your journey towards fluency in te reo Māori. Throughout the year, these units serve as essential guides, shedding light on key sentences and phrases that form the backbone of the language. Each unit is a treasure trove of diverse activities, meticulously aligned with the six fundamental language modes: pānui (reading), tuhituhi (writing), whakarongo (listening), kōrero (speaking), mātakitaki (viewing), and whakaatu (presenting).

Our learners, the Ākonga, will engage deeply with these rerenga (sentences) and their newfound knowledge, applying them in a myriad of real-life situations. This hands-on approach ensures not only mastery but also the ability to demonstrate their proficiency in contexts that matter.

Embracing the latest in digital technology and game-based learning, our units infuse fun and excitement into the learning process. This innovative approach not only makes learning te reo Māori more enjoyable but also fosters a profound and genuine connection with the language's rich subtleties and cultural heritage

Ngā kai o roto - What is included?

He Akoranga 

  • 10 x lessons (approx 20 hours of teaching and learning) - includes links to resources and lesson sequencing

He Rauemi

  • Classroom resources - Kupu hou charts

He Pepa Mahi

  • Activity sheets (digital and physical)

He Ngohe Tere

  • Do now activities

He Kēmu Whakaū Akoranga

  • Interactive online games to reinforce learning

Aromatawai hura mōhiotanga

  • Formative assessment task (pre-screening to assess students’ prior knowledge)

Aromatawai hura mōhiotanga hou

  • Summative assessment task with students’ tasks sheets/ marking rubric and teacher feedback slides (including reflective report comments)

Ngā mokamoka - The finer details

Mā wai? - Who is it for?

  • All learners of te reo Māori with some foundational knowledge (Eg Levels 3+ of the NZC/ Year 9 students and above) 

  • Teachers of te reo Māori ​looking to spend quality time on building fluency and fluidity of core sentence structures


Toronga - Accessibility

  • Files shared via Google drive (School email addresses only)


Ture whakamahi - Licensing Agreement

  • Files are the property of the purchasing kura and are not be shared to external email addresses

Ko te reo kia tika, ko te reo kia rere, ko te reo kia Māori!
 Let the language be correct, let the language fly, and let the language be Māori

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Āheinga Reo
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